After many years of attempting to provide professional level training in the skeletal modality, Diana decided not to continue as there was no way she could guarantee the ongoing work of gradates. Many of these used a ‘mix-and-match’ approach, combining lots of other therapies with the Ostealign concept, to the detriment of the patients and the modality itself.

Once a wheel is invented and thoroughly road-tested, it gains nothing by having square corners, dodgy spokes and flats added. As it is a neurophysiological ‘stand-alone’ process, the technology lost credibility from people adding a whole lot of ‘flim-flam’ to mainly inflate their own bank accounts.

But time has re-configured the digital world, so after producing Apps, the basic technique is available here for download as a .pdf, Diana has bitten the bullet, written (and road tested) a brand new updated series of courses that can be studied both nationally and internationally, so…….

But she still cannot guarantee the expertise and/or integrity of graduates. You will have to do that for yourself!


(Neurological and Anatomical Response to External Skin Stimulation)

Training Prospectus


There will be three progressive certificates in this technology:-

  • Certificate One in Ostealign

  • Certificate Two in Neuromuscular Release

  • Certificate Three in Organic Restoration


The only one offered at present is that of Ostealign. The other two will become available.

It is an external course that covers an in-depth study of both technical and professional modules that will enable and encourage you to set up your own viable practice. A practical three day session will be presented by Diana in her clinic during the course (twice a year).

It will not be released to any other institutions, as their courses do not seem to be targeted to this end (the market would be saturated in a short time if all their students actually ever set up practice), and contain a great number of irrelevant subjects and a good deal of “padding” to build up hours of study. In spite of being ‘degree’ level subjects they have very little useful foundation. There is also the added benefit that the originator and developer of the technology is taking time to impart her vast knowledge base and current research with students.

Diana is a qualified (and now retired) secondary teacher and has wide (35+ Years) experience in NARESS including years of massive research and development.

Certificate One

A pre-requisite for this course is a thorough knowledge of basic physiology and anatomy, and it will be assumed at commencement. Some practical experience in Ostealign, either from utilising the free download, or attending a training session with Diana will also be assumed, but any anomalies will be addressed during the course, via that three day practical session in the clinic, as the rest of the skeletal technology is absorbed.

Each module must be completed satisfactorily, before the next one is attempted, and these can be done at the student’s own pace. It will take approximately 20-30hours to complete each of them, and no more than one will be marked each week. The practical component will be offered twice a year, depending on student numbers.


Most comprehensive courses in the health area attract fees of up to $25,000 (and some much more) and very few of their students ever get to work in the industry because they do not have the knowledge or techniques to do so. NARESS keeps it simple and offers NO useless padding and no empty qualifications.

Each external module is priced at $100 and you may acquire them in groups of five ie:- pay the fee for the first five and complete them and then repeat for the next five. At completion of these five, you may repeat the action.

This allows you to pay-as-you-learn, as there are no government incentives to train (or loan schemes that never get paid back) for technologies that have very little positive result for patients (or practitioners based on results).

The practical session will involve a fee of $500 and will include 3 full days in the classroom, probably on an extended weekend for remote students.

Modules/subjects to be covered during this course:-

  • All the skeletal NARESS technology

  • Information gathering and problem solving

  • Legal matters - local and national

  • Applicable business practice

  • Advertising and design - getting your message out

  • Setting up - equipment and premises

  • Medical terminology

  • Observation skills - diagnostics

  • Kinetics - engineering principles

  • Osteology

  • Orthopaedics

  • Skeletal joint re-alignment including skull, thoracic cage and distal joints

  • Simple accounting

  • Skeletal anatomy and joint function

  • Skeletal anomalies - congenital, genetic and created, inherited and acquired

  • Neurological connections

  • Spinal curvatures - scoliosis

  • The nature of pain and its orthodox treatments

  • Arthroplasty and osseointegration

  • Degeneration and deterioration - arthritic and rheumatoid, auto-immune factors

  • Application of external forces - trauma resolution

  • Frozen shoulders - bursitis, adhesive capulitis, rotator cuff syndrome,  mobilisation techniques

  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Radiology - x-rays, CAT scans, MRI’s, DICOM

  • Pre and post natal techniques, babies and seniors

  • Professional communication skills

  • Report keeping, court procedures


If you are interested contact us at………. dihunter@ostealign.com