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Ostealign touch on lower back near hips


You can download the free book on the VERY basic Ostealign technique here, and go out and try it on your friends and family on the kitchen table, bearing in mind the listed contraindications.

Diana is going back into teaching at a professional level at the beginning of 2019 after a break. She has been teaching Ostealign since it began developing since 1981.

She has been a teacher ever since 1966, developing a 500 hour professional programme including the following study areas which will be available, the majority of it as an external course accompanied by some in-house practical training in Diana’s clinic several times a year.

The course will address the following topics:-

  • All the skeletal NARESS technology
  • Information gathering and problem solving
  • Legal matters - local and national
  • Applicable business practice
  • Advertising and design - getting your message out
  • Setting up - equipment and premises
  • Medical terminology
  • Observation skills - diagnostics
  • Kinetics - engineering principles
  • Osteology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Skeletal joint re-alignment including skull, thoracic cage and distal joints
  • Simple accounting
  • Skeletal anatomy and joint function
  • Skeletal anomalies - congenital, genetic and created, inherited and acquired
  • Neurological connections
  • Spinal curvatures - scoliosis
  • The nature of pain and its orthodox treatments
  • Arthroplasty and osseointegration
  • Degeneration and deterioration - arthritic and rheumatoid, auto-immune factors
  • Application of external forces - trauma resolution
  • Frozen shoulders - bursitis, adhesive capulitis, rotator cuff syndrome, mobilisation techniques
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Radiology - X-rays, CAT scans, MRI's, DICOM
  • Pre and post natal techniques, babies and seniors
  • Professional communication skills
  • Report keeping, court procedures

Details (including fee structure) will become available early in 2019 as supervisors are appointed for the external modules. They will be successful graduates of the Ostealign Professional course.

Email Diana then for details…

Diana will teach all the classroom modules herself.


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When the skeleton is in perfect balance, it operates without stress or pain.

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Ostealign gentle touch lower back

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Ostealign gentle on your spine

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The successful iPhone and iPad app for Ostealign is no longer available from the iTunes Store.

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