Researched and developed by Diana Hunter in South Australia, the Ostealign component is available as a two-day practical course in the classroom with her.

There is not - and never will be - a professional training course as it has not proved successful in the past. Nor is any form of accreditation required, making it elitist , as it should be available to everyone who needs it.

Diana’s work has been plagiarised under several names by students who decided to ‘improve’ her technology - for their own bank accounts and egos mainly. But after thousands of hours of original development, ‘the wheel’ cannot be re-invented to any extent.

 As it is an internal electrical response, the areas requiring treatment can be plotted electronically and a device to locate/treat these is under development.

Diana has been the recipient of a number of prestigious awards for her dedication to her work and the benefit that she has brought to a large number of her patients.

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For further information contact dihunter@ostealign.com