Researched and developed by Diana Hunter in South Australia, the Ostealign component was available as a two-day practical course in the classroom with her.

There is now a training course to qualify therapists at a professional level, see the training section. But at the basic level for simpler misalignment problems, you can use the downloaded "Ostealign" book, as it should be available to everyone who needs it. This should not be used for disc injuries or comples situations.


Diana’s work has been plagiarised under several names by students who decided to ‘improve’ her technology - for their own bank accounts and egos mainly. But after thousands of hours of original development, ‘the wheel’ cannot be re-invented to any extent.

 As it is an internal electrical response, the areas requiring treatment can be plotted electronically and a device to locate/treat these is under development.

Diana has been the recipient of a number of prestigious awards for her dedication to her work and the benefit that she has brought to a large number of her patients.

 Award1     Award2     Award 3     Award 4     Award 5

For further information contact dihunter@ostealign.com