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Diana has been practicing at her clinic since 1981. She has been at Woodcroft in South Australia since 1993 in the small and least ostentatious clinic on the planet, one that has no secretary, pot plants, glossy brochures, or expensive fittings, but offers the world's best in NARESS technology.

She does not advertise, because successful Ostealign is its own best promotion.

Satisfied patients talk to everyone about their experience, so there is always a busy and full diary.

She has been on TV on Today Tonight and featured in various newspaper articles and magazine editorials over the last almost 40 years.

She does not participate in psychic or alternative fairs and events, because NARESS technology is part of the science of neurophysiology, and she does not want it classified with the weird and wonderful -the rainbows and fluffy ducks sort of techniques - those not based on solid anatomy, physiology and medical science.

Due to both her complex clinical work and ongoing research, she has been nominated for Australian of the Year four times.

As a patient you will need to bring any radiology you might have (x-rays, CAT scans, MRI's) as well as any medical reports you have about your particular difficulties. Her practice is both National and International, and she accepts patients from many parts of the Globe, some only coming for a few days to get assistance.

Feel free to download her clinic brochure.


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Ostealign on Today Tonight

Today Tonight

Touch Therapy
Reporter: Frank Pangallo
Broadcast: Friday 12th August 2011

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Ostealign brochure

Ostealign Brochure

When the skeleton is in perfect balance, it operates without stress or pain.

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Ostealign gentle touch lower back

The Technical Side Of Things

The recent technology of organ transplantation has produced some interesting 'side effects.

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Ostealign gentle on your spine

Ostealign Gentle On Your Spine

The successful iPhone and iPad app for Ostealign is no longer available from the iTunes Store.

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