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Ostealign has had success with

Back Pain
Joint Injuries
Disc Damage

Sports Injuries
Accident Trauma
Spinal Cord Injuries
Sprains and Strains
Knee and Ankle Pain

Ostealign is a section of the NARESS technology - Neurological and Anatomical

Response to External Skin Stimulation, a methodology that encompasses the repair of all internal aspects of the body through the nervous system from the skin surface.

It is based purely on neurophysiology, and has nothing to do with energy, such as Universal Energy manipulation like Reiki, playing with rocks, or even fish slapping.

Ostealign is the small part of this vast system that allows the brain to re-align all the joints, including the spine, by lightly touching skin receptors. It is controlled entirely by the nervous system of the patient, NOT the therapist.

Although you cannot harm anyone because it is an internal loop within the individual nervous system, it may have no effect, or if there are artificial implants or joints, increase existing pain levels.

It involves:- Lightly touching various areas of the skin to stimulate brain activity, which then activates the corresponding muscle(s) to re-align each joint.

Every joint has it own unique set of skin receptors.

These must be activated in a particular sequence to produce optimum results.

It requires that the patient be in a state of relaxation and free from any stimulants or depressants.

It can continue to work for up to 48 hours after treatment, depending on the chronicity of the particular misalignment and relaxation of the subject.

Every patient/subject has individual problems and these need to be addressed.

There are restrictions on the technique if professional training has not been studied.

These include contraindications such as:-

  • Damaged intervertebral discs
  • Previous spinal surgery, including implants
  • Artificial joints or similar interventions(s)
  • Fractures or dislocations from trauma
  • Congenital or genetic conditions
  • And a thorough knowledge of radiology, as well as training in orthopaedics, are necessary to treat these difficult conditions.

You can make an appointment with Di Hunter in her clinic or download the Ostealign - Gentle on your Spine book from the Learn More page to try out the technique for yourself, on your friends/family, on the kitchen table.

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The successful iPhone and iPad app for Ostealign is no longer available from the iTunes Store.

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