The skeletal component of N.A.R.E.S.S. (Neurological and Anatomical Response to External Skin Stimulation), it allows perfect alignment of the spine and joints into optimum position within the subject.

As the entire process is internal within the subject, it cannot cause any damage and is totally non-judgemental from the therapist. It operates on a neurophysiological feedback loop within the body.

Requiring only a very light touch on the surface of the skin, an electrical reaction occurs within the body that can be felt by the therapist as heat, pulsation (not the circulation pulse) or tingling. This reaction only occurs if the correct areas are in contact. The subject may feel heat or even muscle contractions realigning the targeted joints.

The only requirements for treatment are that the subject have a functioning nervous system and that he/she is in a position of relaxation so that the brain can activate the muscles to re-align the joints.  It is best applied prone on a suitable surface such as a large table top, but not on a bed or the floor as the therapist will be uncomfortable - and then possibly require treatment his or her self.

It is not restricted to age as it is non-invasive, and can be applied to any creature with an endoskeleton. Tried and tested on a variety of animals as well as a comprehensive range of human subjects (over 33 years of research and development), it is obviously objective as animals are not generally responsive to the placebo effect.

The first section of Ostealign is now available as a download on our news page, and allows anyone to provide a safe and extremely effective method of alleviating joint pain in the spine.

The entire NARESS technology, spanning muscle release, and internal organ repair will become available as professional certificates that can be studied externally with a shirt classroom component.

Researched and developed by Diana Hunter in South Australia, the Ostealign has been available as a two-day practical course in the classroom with her., but is now here for you to try for yourself.

Diana’s work has been plagiarised under several names by students who decided to ‘improve’ her technology - for their own bank accounts and egos mainly. But after thousands of hours of original development, ‘the wheel’ cannot be re-invented to any extent.

As it is an internal electrical response, the areas requiring treatment can be plotted electronically and a device to locate/treat these is under development.

For further information contact info@ostealign.com